My Upcoming Debate

On November 16th, 2017, at 7:00 P.M. I am participating in a debate on health care on my university. I am president of the Turning Point USA chapter here, an organization which promotes small government, free-market capitalism, and individual liberty. A member of the Political Awareness Club on campus asked the president of the College […]

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My Top Three Skills

There are three defining characteristics that distinguish me from others. Analytical thinking: My strongest skill is my ability to analyze a situation or topic and quickly find its strengths and weaknesses. I do not base my decisions or reasoning off of emotions, but rather I systematically think through issues set before me, to come to […]

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I paused Free the Campus

I have been writing about a corporation I launched, Free the Campus. It was going well, and I had plans for what I wanted to do with it down the road. However, as I have been meeting more people and making progress, I got connected with a group, Turning Point USA. A student I had […]

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Healthcare is not a right

I often hear that healthcare is a right for all people and socialized healthcare is the guarantee of that right. Healthcare is not a right. To accept that healthcare is a right, is to accept that we have a right to the labor of another person. Healthcare is the time and efforts of other people, […]

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How my Business got Started

I am executive director of Free the Campus, a small but growing non-profit corporation. I have made sales on t-shirts and created a following of people who want to see free speech thrive on campus. Where I am now, is not even remotely where I thought I would be a year ago. Last year, I […]

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My Meeting Problem

I’ve come to realize that one of my strengths has been a contributing factor to an issue I have. I can make a conversation and connect with mostly anyone. Often, I will get in a conversation with someone I just met, discuss a myriad of topics, and then trade phone numbers so that we can […]

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