I love being with people! Whether it be talking to a friend, or presenting before an audience, I gain energy from interacting with others. My idea of fun, is sitting out at a Turning Point USA table on my university campus, and talking with millennials about the free market and personal liberty. I thoroughly enjoy talking to people who vehemently disagree with my beliefs, and make it a habit of engaging them in the ideas in such a way that they consider me a friend and want to meet again. My favorite moments are when I present to an audience on contentious topics such as the existence of God. The thrill of answering questions on the fly and keeping the audience engaged with my animated persona is more exciting to me than the best roller coasters!

In a professional environment, my competitive nature influences my working patterns. I make efforts to make a name for myself by the quality of my work. Most jobs I have had, on my own accord I have assumed responsibilities not originally assigned to me, and brought value well beyond what was asked of me.

Just to cite a few examples of the work I have done above and beyond my job responsibilities:

I have rewritten sections of the procedural manual for a 3D modeling company, because I found more efficient methods for their previous procedures.

I saw design flaws in the UNCG ITS computer labs, and created a new design which was then used by the University.

I created a website to make work vastly easier and more efficient for other tech employees at my university, by designing a database of easy to follow instructions as to how to resolve common technical issues clients have.

I saw a wide-spread need on my university campus for free-speech and rational dialogue between competing ideas, so I started a successful small business, which is now a non-profit corporation, Free the Campus.

It is my passion to search for ways to rise above the responsibilities I am called to, and show of my ability to recognize and execute changes to bring value and efficiency to all my engagements.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell, personally and professionally! I hope to hear from you and see how we can partner in your industry!

My email is ryanscarbel@gmail.com

My phone number is (919)943-6840

Check out my LinkedIn!