I am looking to work in an environment where I can manage a broad variety of tasks, and am required to think outside the box to make operations more efficient.

I create value in all my engagements:

I have rewritten sections of the procedural manual for a 3D modeling company, because I found more efficient methods for their previous procedures.

I saw design flaws in the UNCG ITS computer labs, and created a new design which was then used by the University.

I created a website to make work vastly easier and more efficient for other tech employees at my university, by designing a database of easy to follow instructions as to how to resolve common technical issues clients have.

I saw a wide-spread need on my university campus for free-speech and rational dialogue between competing ideas, so I started a successful small business, which is now a non-profit corporation, Free the Campus.

It is my passion to search for ways to rise above the responsibilities I am called to, and show of my ability to recognize and execute changes to bring value and efficiency to all my engagements.

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