Christianity and Classical Liberalism

providing rational arguments for contentious subjects


Ryan Scarbel Blue Suit

        I am a student at the University of North Carolina, currently a double major in Economics and Philosophy. I came to college an atheist without strong political leanings. As my college career progressed, I was presented with many different worldviews. I gained a strong interest in religion during my freshman year, and examined many different worldviews. I found that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Christianity is true. The evidence stems from historical facts pertaining to circumstances surrounding the death of Jesus and the lives of his disciples (historical facts that even skeptical secular scholars agree upon). The existence of these historical facts can only be rationally explained by the physical resurrection of the Nazarene. Following my commitment to the Gospel, I was exposed to the ideology touted by the political left. I initially believed the message of the progressives, as it often carries a strong emotional appeal, and on the surface level appeared to me as the more loving political disposition. However, I was quickly disillusioned when I applied critical thinking to my progressive beliefs. Examining statistics and evidence for claims made by the political left quickly dismantled the idea that progressive ideology was even remotely accurate or loving. I went from being a self-declared feminist, to owning a shirt that said “Feminism is Cancer” on the front. When conversing about my findings, it quickly became apparent to me that my fellow students were never exposed to cogent arguments and ideas that challenged their leftist ideology. For those who are unfamiliar with the arguments that do not conform to the dogma of the college university, I have created this site, to clearly and succinctly articulate the reasons behind Christianity and classical liberalism.