If businesses do not receive help from the government, then the only way they can continue to exist is if consumers purchase their products and services. People will only want to purchase their products and services, if they see the value of having that product or service as being worth more than the value of the money it costs, and the company will only sell it if it sees the value of the money earned as being worth more than the product or service sold. This means that any exchange in a free-market economy, is a win-win interaction. In every industry, there are many companies that want to make a profit in that industry, but the only way they will make money is if consumers purchase their products instead of their competitors. In order to get consumers to buy their products, they must offer them at as low of a price and as high quality as they can. If someone wants to become extremely successful, they can by producing a highly innovative product or service that hasn’t been thought of before. These principles are what make capitalism the best system there is; it encourages innovation, and forces companies to create the best products at the lowest prices.