Leftists often claim that gun control works in every other first world country; lets examine that claim!

The leftists want us to believe that if we cared about people’s safety, then we would want to ban guns. I often hear “gun control worked in Australia” or “gun control worked in England.” However, that claim is not based in fact.

England and Wales banned guns in January 1997. In the years following the ban, England saw a massive increase in homicide rates, and firearm homicide rate nearly doubled between 1996 and 2002. The crime rate only began to decrease after England implemented a massive increase in the number of police officers. Even with the increase in police, homicide rates never reached pre-ban levels until 13 years later.

Australia banned guns in 1996, and saw homicide rates increase slightly for the following years, until they started decreasing gradually. The percentage of gun usage in homicides has not changed since the ban. At the time Australia was had declining gun homicides, America more than doubled how many guns it was manufacturing, and saw an almost identical drop in gun homicides.

Australia and England are the most frequently cited examples by leftists, but if you look into any other countries which implemented gun bans, the result is even worse (Ireland, Jamaica, Venezuela, Soloman Islands, etc…).