“Banning abortions doesn’t stop them from happening”
That’s wonderful logic…
“Banning murder doesn’t stop it from happening”

        Pro-abortionists say women get abortions at the same rate when it is illegal as they do when it is legal, and when it is illegal, women die in masses due to the operations being conducted under unsafe conditions. That is the most unfounded, ill-informed, bull crap I have ever heard. Pro-abortion activists grossly overestimate the amount of illegal abortions, and I see the same nonsensical statistics quoted in all sorts of articles. I’ve read this statistic in peer-reviewed, articles: “It is estimated that before 1973 [the year before Roe V. Wade], 1.2 million U.S. women resorted to illegal abortion each year and that unsafe illegal abortions caused as many as 5,000 annual deaths.” This is why peer-review means very little these days, and you have to actually look at how the alleged researchers come up with their statistics for yourself. That statistic is so demonstrably false, that it makes me want to vomit, and it is found in SCHOLARLY ARTICLES. The total number of annual pregnancy-related deaths back in 1960, when the mortality rate was even higher than it was at any point from the 1970’s – today, was still only 1,579! Even if you were to attribute every single pregnancy-related death to illegal abortions (which would be absolutely absurd), you still don’t get even remotely close to the statistic abortionists claim. Not only that, but abortionists always say the rate of abortions where it is illegal is nearly the same as when it is legal, as if that is based in any sort of fact. Researchers have to estimate how many illegal abortions there are, because they are not recorded, due to being illegal. When you read the methodologies that they use to get their data, it’s interesting how they never incorporate the number of times anyone was convicted of committing illegal abortions. That’s because those statistics don’t support their argument, and so they have to ignore the actual relevant statistics, in order to form their nonsensical estimates. The majority of their data is based off of interviews, and unconfirmed surveys, to which they then draw their own conclusions about what they believe to be the probable amount of illegal abortions. This method of unscientific data-collection is used by organizations such as the W.H.O. (no surprise there) and then quoted by all sorts of other sources as if it were a fact supported by something other than the judgement of someone who wants abortion to be legal.
So the argument that women get abortions at nearly the same rate when it is illegal, is not supported by actual fact, and the argument that women die in such large quantities when abortion is made illegal, is such a massive lie that it may have a gravitational pull.