My Top Three Skills

There are three defining characteristics that distinguish me from others. People Skills: In 1897, one of the first people in America to be paid a salary of over a million dollars a year was Charles M. Schwab. He was hand-picked by Andrew Carnegie to become the first president of United States Steel Company. What was […]

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Module 4 Week 1

The video is a bit jumpy, since I had to cut more than 60% of it. I also lost the audio from the mic, along with the video of my screen, but it is not needed to deliver the message.

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Resurrection Argument

All of this information has been gathered from other sources, and so do not credit me with the information here. Much of this particular layout of the information was taken from a debate I watched between William Lane Craig and Richard Carrier, though all this information can be found in a myriad of books, websites, […]

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How to be Liked

How confident are you in your ability to get someone to like you? Your quality of life and happiness is immeasurably better when the people you interact with like you, so it is very important to learn behaviors that improve your likeability. The strategies for achieving this are intuitive and simple, but easily ignored. Here […]

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