How to be Liked

How confident are you in your ability to get someone to like you? Your quality of life and happiness is immeasurably better when the people you interact with like you, so it is very important to learn behaviors that improve your likeability. The strategies for achieving this are intuitive and simple, but easily ignored. Here […]

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Creating and Selling a Product

For reading, scroll past video. What I Created I created shirts with funny political messages for various perspectives. Getting Customers Facebook Ads are one of the most efficient methods of getting a product in front of the eyes of a precise target market, so I went that route. To use Facebook ads, there was a […]

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My Upcoming Debate

On November 16th, 2017, at 7:00 P.M. I am participating in a debate on health care on my university. I am president of the Turning Point USA chapter here, an organization which promotes small government, free-market capitalism, and individual liberty. A member of the Political Awareness Club on campus asked the president of the College […]

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My Top Three Skills

There are three defining characteristics that distinguish me from others. People Skills: In 1897, one of the first people in America to be paid a salary of over a million dollars a year was Charles M. Schwab. He was hand-picked by Andrew Carnegie to become the first president of United States Steel Company. What was […]

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I paused Free the Campus

I have been writing about a corporation I launched, Free the Campus. It was going well, and I had plans for what I wanted to do with it down the road. However, as I have been meeting more people and making progress, I got connected with a group, Turning Point USA. A student I had […]

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